Gorilla tours in Uganda & Rwanda

Book and be part of our customized gorilla tours to see face-to-face with the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitats with Kabaffulo Safaris. Done in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park and the Virunga massif, gorilla trekking is a dream come true for most travelers to Africa. Uganda and Rwanda are the prime gorilla tour destinations sheltering a high number of mountain gorillas respectively. Kabafullo safaris offer guided gorilla trekking tours to Bwindi Forest, Mgahinga Gorilla Park in Uganda, and Volcanoes National park in Rwanda. Do you have limited time in Rwanda probably one day but would wish to see gorillas, our 1 Day Rwanda gorilla trek is the best for you. In both Uganda and Rwanda, travelers are allowed to spend a maximum of an hour with the endangered gorillas except in habituation where you spend four hours with wild gorillas

Gorilla tours in Uganda
Most of the Uganda gorilla tours take place in Bwindi Forest. Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park is home to half of the world's total gorilla population. The jungle forest consists of over 450 mountain gorillas that live together in 21 groups. The park is bisected into four regions i.e Buhoma, Ruhija, Nkuringo, and Rushaga are the four sectors that make up Bwindi forest. Uganda gorilla trips to Bwindi Forest is an opportunity to meet one of the 21 gorilla families in this forest. These gorilla families include Oruzogo, Nkuringo, Bweza, Busingye, Kyaguliro, Mubare, Mishaya, Kutu, Rushegura, Katwe, Christmas, Rwigi, Muyambi, Bitukura, Mukiza, Bushaho, Bikyingi, Kahungye, and Mucunguzi gorilla groups. Trekking gorillas in Uganda require you to have a permit costing $700 each. Uganda gorilla tours also include experimental gorilla habituation experience at $1500 per permit. Moreso, visit Mgahinga Gorilla National park to trek the only Nyakagyezi gorilla family residing there.

Gorilla Tours in Rwanda
Rwanda gorilla tours are done in Volcanoes National park located in northwestern Rwanda. The bamboo forest is second to the Bwindi forest in hosting the high number of gorillas in the world. RDB has habituated 10 gorilla families (Uganda, Agashya, Umubano, Susa A, Karisimbi, Pablo, Titus, Sabyinyo, and Hirwa gorilla families). Each day, 80 gorilla permits are issued to travelers visiting mountain gorillas. A single gorilla permit in Rwanda costs $1500 which makes Rwanda a luxury gorilla safari destination in Africa.

Popular Gorilla Tours in Uganda & Rwanda

1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Trek

Kabaffulo safaris
Book and be part of this 1 Day Rwanda gorilla trek to Volcanoes National park home to the higehst numb er of gorillas in the Virunga Cobnservation Area. Trek 1 of the 10 gorilla families in Randa on our 1 Day Rwanda gorilla adventure with Kabaffulo Safaris. Read More

5 Days Double Gorilla Safari

Kabaffulo Safaris
The 5 Days double gorilla safari to Uganda and Rwanda with Kabaffulo Safaris. The 5 Days gorilla safari entail 2 gorilla treks to visit two different gorilla famileis one Bwindi forest Uganda and the other in Volcanoes Park Rwanda. Read More

2 Days Rwanda Gorilla trekking

Kabaffulo Safaris
Enjoy a 2 Days Rwanda gorilla trekking adventure to Volcanoes national park with Kabaffulo Safaris. Visit and encouter face to face with the endangerd primats of Rwanda on this 2 days gorilla tour. You will trek 1 of the 10 gorilla families in Rwanda. Read More

1 Day Uganda gorilla trek

Kabaffulo safarisBook a 1 Day Uganda gorilla trek to Bwindi starting and ending in Kigali Rwanda. Fly to Rwanda and trek gorillas in Uganda on this customized 1 Day Uganda gorilla trekking tour with Kabaffulo Safaris. Short-day Uganda gorilla safaris. Read More

2 Days Uganda Gorilla Adventure

Kabaffulo Safaris
Explore Uganda gorillas on this 2 Dasys Uganda gorilla adventure with Kabaffulo Safaris. Trek Uganda gorillas on our customized 2 days gorilla safari starting and ending in Kigali Rwanda,. The package offers short timne travelers chance to see gorillas. Read More

4 Days Mgahinga gorilla Safari

Kabaffulo Safaris
The 4 Days Mgahinga gorilla safari offers yo the ebst of Uganda’s primata trekking expereince. Enjoy treks to see Nyakagyezi gorilla family an the endangeed golden monkeys which live in Mgahinag gorilla National park with Kabaffulo Safaris. Read More


Thinking about venturing into the jungles to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda, or the Democratic Republic of Congo? These are the only three countries in the entire World where you can see endangered mountain gorillas and the experience of getting up close to them is simply unbeaten. However, a number of items must not miss on your packing list for your comfort and memorable experiences.

For clothing, make sure that it should be comfortable and lightweight. Long trekking pants are a necessity. Never do the mistake of trekking mountain gorillas in shorts because your legs are prone to insect/bug stings or scratching by grass or sharp plants. This coupled with the terrain, duration and general difficulty of trekking these Giant Apes is likely to ruin your experience.
Waterproof, lightweight, and comfortable hiking boots are a must-have because you might encounter muddy trails that go through slopes and ravines and stream crossing. For this reason, good traction is recommended and also comfortable as you maneuver through the jungles of Bwindi, Mgahinga, Volcanoes, or Virunga National Park searching for these Giant Apes. Also, carry gaiters to protect your feet and lower legs from moisture while on the gorilla trekking adventure through the forest. For travelers without gaiters, the Ranger will emphasize tucking trousers into the socks to avoid being invaded by insects.
Lightweight and long-sleeved shirts/blouses are also handy for protecting your hands from sharp plants and insects that will most likely ruin your experience. Again, you can never be certain whether it will be humid or when it will suddenly rain. For this reason, you need something that not only covers your hand but also dries quickly.

Rain jacket, regardless of the season. Never get comfortable that it won’t rain because you are traveling during “traditional dry months” because the rains here are impromptu and unforgiving. Given the effects of climate change and the fact that mountain gorilla natural habitats are generally dense rainforests in high-altitude areas, there are chances of receiving rain any time of the year. It is therefore important to be prepared at all times.

Gardening gloves shouldn’t be left out because you will be using tree branches for support while hiking through areas of higher altitudes and therefore you will need something to protect your hand from any kind of injury. This is where gardening gloves come in handy.
A swimsuit is necessary because our gorilla safaris are also about relaxation. A number of Safari Lodges within or near Gorilla trekking destinations have swimming pools. You might like the idea of cooling off after your gorilla trekking adventure.

For electronics needed during Gorilla safaris, consider;
A USB power bank that you will use for charging your camera batteries, tablet, or phone to keep you connected or be able to take as many photos as you can during your gorilla trekking tour.
A good camera is a must-have because you wouldn’t want to pay as much as $700 or $1500 on a gorilla permit and leave without taking a single photo. Make sure your camera is non-flash and has extra batteries as well as enough memory space.

Your backpack for gorilla trekking should be lightweight, rainproof, and spacious enough to carry the camera, phone, passport (needed at the briefing point), binoculars, rain jacket, drinking water (at least two liters), packed lunch, and sunglasses among other items.

For any gorilla safari, you will need toiletries, especially sunscreen, hand and body lotion, deodorant, hand sanitizer, lip balm, toothpaste and toothbrush, dental floss, environmentally shampoo and bathing soap, hair ties/pins, hair comb, biodegradable wet wipes, cotton swabs, toilet paper, and razor among others.

Basic first aid kit
You don’t have to carry everything needed in a first aid kit but rather the basics like medication (ibuprofen, Loperamide, and Antihistamine), bandages, antibiotics, liniment for massaging muscle strains, gauze, and many others.

Insect repellants
Even after dressing up for the gorilla trek as recommended, it won’t stop the nasty and annoying bug from disturbing you, and for this reason, don’t forget to carry an environmentally-friendly insect repellant. There are different kinds of bugs and creepy crawlies that are bound to ruin your day.

Re-usable water bottle
While some Tour Operators provide water bottles, the majority don’t, and to be safer than sorry, we recommend carrying your own water bottles which will be filled with enough drinking water (at least two liters) before you embark on your adventure. It is advisable to always stay hydrated throughout your gorilla trek.

Energy-giving snacks
While most websites say gorilla treks take between 1-6 hours, it sometimes takes longer depending on how far the gorilla family you are allocated to have moved. It is therefore important to have some snacks to replenish your energy during the gorilla trek.